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Fractioning Room Module

Fractioning Room  Module is an indispensable tool to pack honey, because it allows process control and assures traceabilty to each one of the packets.

A direct Relation between EAN code and  lot number allows tracing the honey up to the beehive. 


  • It allows you to pack from a decantation tank or drums.
  • Makes the relation in between the Origin lot number and the different lots created during production process.
  • It allows you to use any kind of pots/jars/etc.


  • Generate statistics of packed products.


Forms - Printing
  • Generate lot creation form.
  • Generate, in case of neccesity, bar code labels for the pots.


  • It allows you to send the traceability report of your package  in seconds if you have direct connection to Internet.
  • It allows you to create a floppy disk to send the data from any place in case you don’t have a direct connection to Internet.
  • It links the content of the drum with the origin of the honey fulfilling the requirements of the European Economic Community.

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