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Honey Traceability

Obtain here the traceability report for a honey drum or package.

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What´s traceability ?

Means the ability to trace and follow a food, feed, food-producing animal or substance intended to be, or expected to be incorporated into a food or feed, through all stages of production, processing and distribution; ( EC resolution 178/2002 page 8  item 14) In the case of the bee chain, this information process begins with the conformation of each beehive and its unique identification. With our system you acquire the information related to it, till it gets to the final consumer. The traceability is also a tool for the the processes control  that allows to determine all the variables associated to the elaboration of a certain product, and to take suitable remedial actions making the process more reliable. In order to orchestrate a traceability system one is due to develop a system of generation and control of traceable registries of all the activities that are made in each one of the production stages, harvests, Honey Extraction Room, Fractioning  Room, sale, export and sale of the product to the consumer.

 To improve transparency in the production chain .
 Meet CE Japan and USA traceability requirements
 To improve sanitary plans ( give possibilities to the control  organism to coordinate them )
 To offer information to the consumers about the product . 

 To Add value to the product .
 To improve process quality and final product .
 To improve management of all the processes of the industry chain .
To make possible process and product certification .                   

International Regulations
The European Economic Community defined clearly in its resolution 178/2002 the term Traceability  as indicated in this page footer . In article 18 of the same regulation clearly define who , where and how should be applicated .In Iso 8402 norm defined traceability as : The aptitude to rebuild the history , the aplication or localization of a product throught identified registrations .Traceability is also known as " Farm to form " concept .U.S.A. has defined time delays to provide to custom or U.S.D.A. officers , in case of those type of information should be requeired  : From Monday 09:00 AM to friday 06:00PM is 4 hours , from friday 06:00 PM to Monday 09:00AM  8 hours . 

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